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Track Multiple Shipment
Tracking Number
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Note: Refer reverse of B/L copy for Track number
Another Fast and Flexible way to Access Shipment Information
Any time, day or night, you can now track your Balaji Shipping Shipments using e-mail.
When you don't have access to Balaji Shipping Website or calling Balaji Shipping Customer Service is not convenient, simply send an e-mail to track.bsl@transworld.com
How to use it:
  • Address a new message to track.bsl@transworld.com
  • In the subject line, type the tracking number for the shipment you wish to track (tracking number can be found on the reverse of the original Bill of Lading)
  • You can track up to 5 shipments by separating them with commas
  • In minutes, you'll receive an e-mail message from Balaji Shipping with the tracking information